Review Your Current Labels

Review your current labels, or review labels prior to introduction to market

Nutrition Analysis

Nutrition facts information prepared and formatted for your specific needs

Technical Solutions for Food Safety and Quality

Ingredient Qualification

Reviewed for conformance with specific customer requirements

Technical Projects

Providing technical project management, oversight, and expertise

Our Services

Specific services will be tailored to your company’s requirements, based upon a thorough initial assessment of your company’s goals or needs.


Comprehensive label review includes preparation of nutrition facts panel, ingredient statement, allergen statement, label claims and review of proposed label information. Potential label layout will be reviewed for inclusion of required elements, depending on product type, label size and style, and proposed market.

Labels can be reviewed prior to introduction to market, or as part of a comprehensive review of all labels your company is currently marketing. 

Nutrition facts information can be prepared using your laboratory test results, or by database analysis using an industry standard database. Your own ingredient nutrition information can be used to customize and increase the accuracy of your database generated nutrition information. Final information will be presented to you in your choice of nutrition facts panel format, or in a form appropriate for use with recipes or other applications, and in your choice of file format.

Technical Projects:

Providing technical project management or oversight to assist your staff with temporary or long term technical projects. This may include assistance with inspection preparation, corporate certification initiatives, website or social media content review, or other projects requiring oversight and coordination.

Ingredient Qualification:

Current or proposed ingredients reviewed for conformance with specific customer or company standards or label claims. This may include gluten free, non-GMO verification, or specific ingredient restrictions.

Assistance with Certification:

Includes assistance with, or complete handling of, the process of kosher or organic certification for your products. This also includes assistance with verification of gluten-free ingredients and products, non-GMO programs, or other special certification and verification programs.

Regulatory and Consumer Issues:

Support for response to FDA, USDA or consumer concerns or inquiries.