Technical Projects

Providing technical project management, oversight, and expertise

Technical Solutions for Food Safety and Quality

Nutrition Analysis

Nutrition facts information prepared and formatted for your specific needs

Review Your Current Labels

Review your current labels, or review labels prior to introduction to market

Ingredient Qualification

Reviewed for conformance with specific customer requirements

Our Experience

Product Categories:

Aseptic beverages
Candy – extruded, hard candy, panned, chocolate
Canned foods – vegetables, beans, soups
Condiments – catsup, mustard, syrup
Dehydrated potato products – flakes, granules, slices, mixes
Drink mixes
Foods for special dietary needs
Frozen foods – meals, fish fillets and sticks, desserts and pastry
Infant and toddler foods
Packaged produce
Pasta – wheat, corn, with vegetables
Pet food
Pickles, olives
Salad dressings, mayonnaise, oil
Salsa, pasta sauce
Snacks – extruded, popcorn, tortilla chips, potato chips
Soup Cups
Soy products – soy milk, miso, soy sauce
Traditional Japanese Products – miso, soy sauce, rice wafers, ramen

Areas of Experience:

Quality Assurance

  • Plant inspection – pre-op, preparation for audit
  • Review of GMP and pre-requisite programs
  • Review of processing records
  • Organoleptic evaluation of food
  • Ingredient and packaging material evaluation

Product Development

  • Product design and formulation
  • Consumer panels and evaluation
  • Scale up
  • Development of product specifications

Organic Certification

  • Company self-certification prior to California Organic Foods Act, and USDA NOP
  • Participated in California Organic Foods Act development discussions
  • Coordinated certification for products when NOP was implemented and after

Kosher Certification

  • Coordination of corporate certification
  • Coordination at plant level

Allergen Control, Testing and Labeling
Shelf Life
Packaging Evaluation
Extensive Corporate Labeling Projects

  • NLEA
  • Transfat Labeling


  • Axxya Nutritionist Pro
  • Genesis/ESHA
  • Product Vision Database set up and report writing

Label Review

  • Preparation or review of ingredients, nutrition information and allergen statement
  • Required elements
  • Claims
  • Type size and placement of information


  • Integration
  • Due diligence